About us

Located in Vaucluse, we are a small studio that focuses on giving individual attention to each of our students, to assist and encourage their yoga practice.


Each amazing teacher brings their own unique style and presence to their classes giving students a choice to explore and experience individual styles.

Amy Johnston

After a 10 year international dance career, a broken back from a surfing accident prevented Amy from continuing on that path. Having used yoga as an outlet during her life as a dancer, it was during her “back rehab” that she realized the emotional and physical benefits that yoga added to her life. As with all things in life, when one door closes, another one opens. Amy’s journey through her yoga career has not only taught her more about her physical self, but has opened her mind to learn and understand more about her spiritual, emotional and personal self. Her classes are fun, challenging and have a clear focus on alignment and safety. Along with yoga, Amy is passionate about photography, cool stuff about the universe, her dog “Bug”, nature and family.

Jay Johnston

It was curiosity that connected Jay with yoga. In 2002, she moved to Bondi and unbeknownst to her, she was living next door to a yoga studio. Intrigued by the chanting and om-ing floating out from behind the studio curtains, she decided to join a class. Despite giggling her way through her first few practices, there was a force that kept drawing her back for more – soon the giggles dissipated, and although yoga was still a place for her to smile, all its other essences and aspects soon engulfed her. Having practiced yoga through 2 pregnancies and the highs and lows of her adult life, Jay loves that each individual’s yoga experience is different and ever changing throughout their yoga journey.

Lis Cancio

Yoga has been an integral part of Lis’s life for over 10 years. Being a lover of movement she was deeply impressed by the balance, suppleness and strength yoga provided. As well, the progressive sense of calm and presence that began to trickle into her daily life, she was inspired to embark on her training in both yoga and meditation. She completed a diploma in Hatha Yoga in London studying with teachers such as Richard Freeman, Tias Little and Katrina Repka. Since returning home to Sydney in 2010 she has been teaching vinyasa and restorative yoga. Her popular yoga classes are creative and intelligently sequenced to develop students in their own practice. Her aim is to heal mindfully through movement, exploring the balance between ease and effort with breath and bandhas. Her approach is insightful, light hearted and clear. Find out more about Lis.

Sarah Andrijcich

Sarah first found Ashtanga yoga at the age of 18, following years of training in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance. It wasn’t until years later when she walked into her first vinyasa flow class that she found a new form of expression; a freedom and space for creativeness that she had been seeking in her movement again.

Ever since then has been a process of metamorphosis into a new way of being and living her highest truth every single day.

She completed her 200-hour training with Meghan Currie and Nico Luce in Istanbul in 2015 and an advanced 50-hour training in Sequencing with Noelle Connolly at BodyMindLife. Inspired by movement, creation, nature, travel and her teachers, who include Noelle Connolly, Meghan Currie, Simon Park, and Nico Luce, her classes integrate intention, meditation, pranayama and asana. Constantly flowing like a dance, every class is strong but invites softness and grace.


Zsa Zsa Power

Zsa Zsa first practiced  yoga at 16, and using it therapeutically to quell anxiety over high school and university exams. She completed her teacher training in Sydney in 2011, then continued her studies in India where many valuable lessons were learned about yoga on and off the mat. This time began a spiritual journey to find inner contentment and sparked an interest in self-healing, giving her the courage to leave behind her former corporate life. She is now studying nutritional medicine to complement her yoga teaching, following her passions for food, health and well being. She has also trained in yoga therapy (2013), and her classes focus on alignment, building strength and cultivating self-love.

Beth Borowsky

Beth has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years and teaching for 10. Inspired by the powerful intelligence of Ana Forrest and Forrest Yoga sequencing, her classes invite students to move at a slower pace, giving time for muscles to heat, energy to build and an opportunity to delve deeper within, both physically and emotionally, and so discover the true medicine that is yoga. In Beth’s own words: “I believe that yoga is for ‘every body’ and am committed to guiding my students mindfully through their practice, to ensure they honour their strengths and weaknesses, and so build stamina, balance and inner calm.” Beth has studied with acclaimed international teachers including Ana Forrest, Shiva Rae, Twee Merrigan, Sindar Kaur, Lorin Roche, Donna Farhi, Sarah Powers, Wade Imre Morrisette, and Mark Breadner. She combines the wisdom of these leading modern yogis with her own unique understanding of how the body and breath move together to create the union that is yoga. Beth has become known and loved for her Goddess Yoga Retreats both locally and in Bali.
Visit www.justbreatheyoga.com.au for more details.

Angel Whitaker

Angel was introduced to Ashtanga in 1999 and moved into a dedicated daily practice as the seeds of Ashtanga began to take root. That lead her to her teachers to whom she is sincerely grateful – Guruji, His grandson param guru Sharath at KPJAYI, Eileen Hall of Yogamoves Sydney and Dena Kingsberg from the Centre of Balance in Byron Bay. While there are many others that have taught her much, these are her mentors and gurus who taught her how to teach, and what being a teacher means. She was authorised by Sharath to teach in 2010. Angel teaches from a heartfelt place from her learnings on and off the mat, sharing her wisdom to all of her students.

Fi Farjami

Fi fell in love with yoga on her first trip to India in 2000, and headed to London to begin her yoga journey in Astanga with her teacher Petra Mitidieri.  She has practiced with Pattabhi Jois and John Scott in London and more recently has been inspired by the teachings of Bryan Kest, Maty Ezraty, Simon Park and Noelle Connolly. She believes the practice of Yoga transforms us from the inside out and ultimately allows us to just be ourselves.  Fi believes this practice is for everyone and feels grateful and privileged to be able to share her love of Yoga with others.

Joannie Lemay

Joannie is a certified yoga teacher with the Blissology movement, led by Eoin Finn in California. She has practiced yoga through her travels and her yoga classes are influenced by many different cultures.
In such a crazy fast paced world, Joannie aims to bring peace and balance to the community by creating sequences to counterbalance the difficulties we often face. She believes yoga to be a strong medicine for the mind, body and soul. Joannie dreams of a planet where yoga is seen as the number one prescription for health; where time spent on the mat would not be viewed as luxury, but as an everyday way of life.
Joannie complements her yoga portfolio with a degree from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, led by Marc David. She currently hosts wellness retreats, and gives presentations on the impact of a balanced nutrition and positive psychology on lifestyles. Her aim is to provide others with a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

class descriptions

Vinyasa Yoga is the primary style of yoga taught at My Asana. We are also one of Sydney’s first studios to offer Forrest Yoga as part of our regular schedule.
Vinyasa focuses on breath, synchronized with movement, taking you through a flowing sequence of asanas.
Forrest focuses on longer, stronger poses, with the incorporation of deep breathing and heat.
All of our classes will strengthen your body and mind helping you become grounded both mentally and physically.

This class is designed for people who are new to yoga or people wanting to focus on alignment and basic principles. The focus is on breaking down postures and giving explanations of key alignments to ensure safety, on going health and the full benefits of yoga. The practice will flow through a sequence of postures that will be held a little longer than a traditional flow class. This allows students to become more aware of their body alignment. Options to modify postures will also be a focus in these classes, to allow for a gradual build up to more advanced poses. Align classes create endurance and build muscle, whilst teaching the foundations of traditional yoga practice.

These classes are part of a four week rolling course, and are tailored to complete beginners wanting to start their yoga journey, and to more seasoned yogis wanting to sharpen their asana alignment. Classes are led at a slow, steady pace, working on a weekly theme, in a workshop style setting. Completing the 4 weeks will provide a confidence that will allow students to practice a flow class with safety and know how.

This is a dynamic, flowing vinyasa class. They are best suited to intermediate and experienced yogis, however all are welcome. Classes are designed to make you sweat, detox your body and challenge you physically and mentally. People are encourage to listen to their own body, and rest at any point throughout the class to allow their body to revive. Each of our teachers will bring their own flare of sequencing and energy into each class. And you will walk away feeling energised, lighter and clearer of mind

Forrest Yoga, created by Ana Forrest, incorporates longer holds and the pose progressions help you flush, oxygenate and rejuvenate every cell. Using heat, deep breathing and vigorous sequences, you will learn to breathe deeply and connect in feeling with your body. Developed specifically to address our current day stresses and challenges, both physical and emotional, it is open to all levels of yogis and only requires that you bring a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. These amazing 2 hours classes are held monthly.
Upcoming class dates – 18 March,  8 April,  6 May

Our yin classes balance out the more active and fast flowing practices offered at My Asana (which are generally referred to as more of yang style). Initiating deep relaxation of the body, mind and spirit, it is a great wind down after a busy day or week. With the use of bolsters and blocks, postures are held for longer periods of time allowing passive stretching to give a deep opening to the body. With fewer poses held for longer periods, you may find yourself in a meditative state throughout this class. In today’s fast paced world, this is the perfect antidote to stressful living.

During this precious time of your life, these classes offer invaluable benefits on many levels. From strengthening your body to cope with the changes your growing baby will demand, to relieving tension that is put upon specific muscle groups in your body, due to rapid changes that are occurring. Breath work will help calm your nerves, assist your digestion, sleep and immune system, whilst helping prepare you for pre labour and labor. The gentle movements and poses throughout the classes will increase blood circulation, assisting in decreased swelling that can occur during pregnancy and enhance your immunity. Therefore creating a healthy environment for your thriving baby. And just as importantly, these classes will allow you to stop and slow down from your busy days, and set yourself the intention of taking care of yourself and your baby. Plus, you will be doing all of this with a group of amazing women who will understand exactly what you are going through.

ashtanga – led class
This dynamic practice synchronizes breath and movement to produce an internal heat designed to purify the body. Ashtanga yoga, with its many vinyasas, is great for building core strength and toning the body. Prepare to sweat as you briskly move through a set sequence. The class is open to all levels, from absolute beginners to more experienced students.

vedic meditation
This is a free meditation session, open to all Vedic Meditators. These weekly sessions are designed to refresh your knowledge on all things Vedic Meditation, and to offer you the experience of a relaxing and deep group meditation. More about Vedic Meditation

kids yoga
Our kids classes are for children aged 3-7 years. Children will learn the principles of yoga in a fun and dynamic way. The course also assists in developing strength, flexibility and coordination. It can improve children’s focus, self awareness and build self esteem. And in this busy world our children live, they will learn ways to relax through breath and movement, and also build their social and communications skills.
Course start dates follow the school terms – see What’s On for details

teen girls yoga
The teenage years are possibly the most challenging for young girls – surging hormones, sexuality, school stresses, peer pressure – just a few of the daily challenges they face. Not to mention the effects on their posture as they spend many hours hunched over their computers, phones, desks and lounging in front of the TV.  These classes will explore how practicing yoga helps strengthen and tone muscles and bones to support posture, while simultaneously working with breath and mindfulness to relieve stress and anxiety. Each class will be a safe place to explore and express thoughts and emotions through mindful yoga practices and meditation.
Course start dates follow the school terms – see What’s On for details

teen boys yoga
Teenage boys put their bodies under an enormous amount of stress and pressure – playground tussles, sports fields, studying over their desk, and even just slouching in front of their ipads and the TV. A regular yoga practice offers benefits in many aspects of their day to day lives, including strength, flexibility, calming, concentration and relaxation.
Course start dates follow the school terms – see What’s On for details

tweens yoga
Our fun-filled class are designed to introduce tweens to the principles and practice of yoga, breath work, mindfulness and meditation. We tune inward and connect with ourselves, we tune-in with our friends and connect as community. We build on strength, flexibility, co-ordination, concentration and confidence.
Course start dates follow the school terms – see What’s On for details